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How to improve affiliate marketing


Ibexestudio gives you the tools to grow your business through affiliate marketing. Using a white label you can give your agents the opportunity to make offers to their customers.

Affiliate Programs are aimed specifically at travel agencies, hotels and car rental firms. They provide affiliates with a custom interface that enables them to have their own booking site or include this option within your own site.

The system is completely transparent between your company and its affiliates, they only have to worry about advertising to start having benefits.


The system has two major ways of use. The first one, and simplest to use, is what we call a white label. This first way of use will allow the affiliate insert our system in its web page through a simple HTML code.

The second mode is to access our system through a query interface over the web that allows direct queries to our system by returning responses in JSON or XML format (depending on OTA specification), allowing it to insert the booking system at a deeper level in their web. Being able to carry out separate queries of our graphic interface.

Affiliate Systems Ibexestudio

• Management fees and commissions

• Limits of sale and permissions

• Custom Reports

• Affiliate control panel



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